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Planning The Perfect Anniversary Gift

Wedding anniversaries have become big milestones, albeit one, three or even five years. Some couples prefer to have big parties to celebrate with their extended families whereas others prefer something more intimate.

Planning a surprise anniversary activity for your partner can be time consuming and cost a small fortune, so why not go on private wine tours in and around Stellenbosch? With breathtaking views, mouth watering wines, gourmet picnics and chocolate pairings, it is something every couple should experience.

Start your anniversary by taking a leisurely stroll through the Stellenbosch Botanical garden and enjoy nature’s offering and even an amazing Stellenbosch wine tour you can start from the center of Stellenbosch, it’s the oldest university garden in the Cape and is home to a host of plants, both indigenous to South Africa and exotic.

Taste Handcrafted Red and White Wines

Start your anniversary at Oldenberg Vineyards, tucked away in the Stellenbosch mountains, this wine farm has some of the most breathtaking views. The private setting from the tasting room offers a romantic setting for couples where you can get the opportunity to taste both red and white handcrafted wines.

Take In All The Beauty At Stark-Condé

If you’re looking for an even more intimate setting, the tasting room at Stark-Condé is a must. The tasting room has been built in the middle of a private dam. What’s better than sipping on a glass of wine while enjoying the views of the mountains and vineyards surrounding you?

The final stop of your tour will take you to the Hidden Valley where you can experience wine and chocolate pairing as your tastebuds explode tasting the different wines and textures. As no anniversary is complete without a romantic dinner, head on over to Hidden Valley’s restaurant, Overture for a fine dining experience. This will be the perfect ending to your private wine tour in and around Stellenbosch. Want to know how a wine tour works in other places?

Why You Need Interlocking Flooring In Your Home

When installing flooring, it’s important to first map out what the particular space will be used for. If you’re uncertain as to what type of flooring to install, it’s always best to stick to something you know can be a multi-purpose solution.

This is why interlocking pvc flooring in South Africa are suitable in various business environments such as factories, showrooms, store rooms, domestic garages, gym facilities and schools, to name a few. As consumers aren’t conscious of the many advantages of interlocking flooring, we have highlighted some of them here.

Interlocking Flooring is Easy To Install

One of the biggest benefits of interlocking flooring is the installation process isn’t labor intensive. It’s as simple as lining up the tiles and tapping them into place. Should the layout of the space be more complex, the team at Floormaster will be able to assist you.

What makes them even more user friendly and non-labor intensive is that you don’t need to remove old flooring before installing the new flooring. You can install your interlocking flooring over carpets, tiles, laminate flooring or even epoxy coated flooring.

Hassle Free Floor Maintenance

Should an area of the interlocking flooring become worn out, the easy installation process allows for you to replace that section hassle free. You simply remove that tile and insert a new one. General maintenance of the flooring consists of vacuuming up dust and dirt and then mopping the floor to ensure cleanliness of the space.

Protect Your Floor From Damage

By installing the interlocking flooring, you’re also decreasing the chances of your floor becoming damaged from high impact or vibrations, making it the ideal solution for industrial spaces where forklifts and lorries can damage the foundation flooring.

Interlocking flooring is non-slip and therefore also ensures that the area does not become an occupational health and safety hazard for employees. Contact the team at Floormaster today to get your quote and ensure the safety of everyone working on your property. Other construction websites like Carports Cape Town.

3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Food Truck Business

In an economy where so many people are being retrenched, finding permanent employment has become a real challenge. This is why so many people have taken their entrepreneurial skills and tried to start something on their own a popular thing is food companies in South Africa.

As food is essential for everyone, restaurants, coffee shops and hotels have dominated the market but a recent trend has meant they added some competition. Although a daunting experience, here are some reasons why you should start your own food truck business today.

The Start Up Costs Are Minimal

This type of business does not require a large lump sum investment to get going. In comparison to running a restaurant, running a food truck business is much more cost effective. For people who are taking a bold step and moving into this industry, it is a great way to gain more experience for future work.

Let Your Creative Food Juices Flow

As this is something you can own from start to finish this includes the menu. Connecting and working with different food distributors in Cape Town allows you the opportunity to keep your menu fresh and original. You have so much room to experiment and see what people enjoy and how you can customize your meals to make them stand out.

Join In On The Fun And Work At Events

Owning your restaurant can be much more limiting than if you owned your own food truck. With the mobile food truck, you‘re able to sign up to be a vendor at any and every event. This gives you such a boost as you‘re able to market your business for free as you’re exposed to so many people. Need more about starting a food company?

When moving into this kind of trade it is important to realize the potential you have to make your business a success. Talk to other entrepreneurs, meet up and do demonstrations for food distributors. What’s stopping you for making your food dreams become a reality.

Bathroom upgrades you should do in 2017

When you finally decide to remodel and upgrade your bathroom it can help to talk with others that have already gone through this major undertaking. Here we have given some examples of how others went about their bathroom changes.

When we were children, we loved to play in the bathroom. We liked to pop soap bubbles and play with bath toys like squeaky rubber ducks and plastic boats. As we grew older, the bathroom became a functional area to visit quickly en route to school or work. A trip to the bathroom was worked into a hectic schedule and often turned into a battleground for dominance with other family members for shower time. The bathroom also got smaller as we grew larger. Perhaps finally, you’ve decided to remodel your bathroom with a roomier layout and attractive fixtures. You’ve come to understand the value of relaxation and want to enjoy spending time in the bathroom. You want your trips to the bathroom to be pleasant, not just functional and hectic. If so, you might benefit from the experiences of others who have remodeled their bathrooms.

A Nice Rearrangement

Jane and David Smiths master bathroom was not only small, but it also had an awkward layout. The tub and toilet sat on a platform two steps up from the lavatory and two closets. The Smith’s first decided to eliminate the closets and the platform and plan a more convenient layout.

Their interior designer literally cut corners by positioning the tub and shower into opposite corners of the bathroom with the Toilet This left enough space for his-and-her vanities. The vanities, set on the walls in between the shower and tub, had one cabinet 2 inches higher so that David, who is 6 feet, 5 inches tall, could wash his face without bending over.

Ocean Retreat

A Maine vacation inspired Kristy and Frank Mayer when they remodeled their master bathroom in their San Francisco, California, home. “We stayed in this wonderful old hotel in Kennebunkport,” Kristy said. “The tub was set under the windows and you could just sit there and look out at the ocean.”To bring the crisp, clean feeling of the ocean breeze to their bath, they expanded their bathroom above a downstairs addition. They installed a new tub of an old-fashioned design by the window and covered the walls with white bead-board paneling. A woven sea grass mat was spread out for wet feet. Now Kristy can look out the window across the San Francisco Bay. “I loved this bathtub because it was deep,” Kristy said. “Soaking there is so nurturing that it’s part of my daily routine.”

Fitting It All In

Designer Brad Nelson designed a new layout to separate the shower and tub in his master bathroom. To do this, he sacrificed some square footage of an adjacent bedroom closet. After removing a tub and small closet, he installed a narrow vanity 18 inches deep with a lavatory that thrusts out. Cabinets were also installed above the toilet, stretching up from the vanity. The layout allowed enough room for a shower and tub on the opposite wall. You might be looking for new toilet for your bathroom, check out this amazing guide for best toilet reviews.

Where To Find The Best Storage Units In South Africa

A self-storage helps in storing up items that might be consuming up space in your home. Perhaps you want to store belongings and furniture while you are taking some time in temporary accommodation. Here are the best choices of self storage pretoria , South Africa. and the best storage midrand prices Container Agents. They have premises inside the N4 Gateway Industrial Park in the East of Pretoria. The area is well guarded, and your property will be safe. Connect with them on 0861 44 7474 for a quote.

Eagle Self Storage has been serving the residents of Akasia, Pretoria North for close to 17 years. They have incorporated the use of Cancom’s Id TECH ACCESS system in their security features. Call them on 012 549 2294.

The Willow Park Self Storage has enough size and security to take care of any storage need with the city of Pretoria.

Gala Storage has electric fencing and GSM access control, which ensures that all unwanted guests are kept at bay. Call them at 083 327 5204/3 to get your storage need sorted.

Lynnwood Self Storage has also provided the residents of Pretoria with a safe environment for storing business or personal belongings.

Self-Storage Estate, Pretoria. Here you can lease a storage unit and store up your properties. The place is so much secured with alarm fencing, perimeter wall, and electric fencing.

Storage Panda in Pretoria also provides self-storage options that are secure and affordable. Call them on 11 078 7220 now.

Tower point self-storage. A pioneer in the self-storage industry that provides cost effective, safe and secure services within Pretoria. Get in touch with them on 832-489-9939 today.

Rent Me Storage, Pretoria has a reputation for providing safe and secure self-storage services for all your personal and business properties. You can reach them on 0866 955 376. looking for random information about Storage

Performing a Lie Detector Test

Although lie detector tests are not admissible in court they are a great way of clearing doubts on everyday issues such as relationships, thefts and lies this can be done by polygraph testing The most important thing when you are performing a polygraph test is to make sure that you use a company that has the best and latest equipment – this way you will get results that are between 90 and 95% accurate. When you visit the company that will perform your polygraph the first thing that they will ask you is what your particular issue is. This way they can design the appropriate polygraph test questions for whoever you want to perform the polygraph on.

They will also ask mundane questions such as name and address in order to determine the subject’s baseline. A baseline is important because based on that baseline they can tell whether the subject is answering the rest of the questions truthfully or not. Designing questions doesn’t take very long – you can expect to get a call ion one or two days.

On the day of the polygraph the subject will be led to a queer room with chairs and table on which the polygraph apparatus will be set up also known as a Lie Detector There will be an examiner in the room with you and maybe an additional person to observe. The exam takes about 2 hours and the examiner starts by asking the baseline questions so as to determine vitals when the subject is telling the truth. Once these are done they will then move on to questions dealing with the issue at hand. The best polygraph companies will give you the results right away followed by a written report of their findings.

As for the cost of a lie detector test it depends on the company that you use. You should research the average cost of a lie detector test in your area so that you can have a fair idea of how much you will pay. And Communication is a must weather its with your employees or with the company that you are hiring. To get the best in communication have a look at PRS Communication

Medical Alert Vs Ice Tags

If you have a serious medical condition it is very important that you wear a Medical Bracelets This is a bracelet that has a stainless steel tag where you list your vital information. It will include the condition or conditions that you suffer from, any allergies to food or medication, your next of kin and any other information that is relevant to your case. These bracelets are important because they give first responders the information that they need to give you the right treatment. They are not just for adults – if you have a child who suffers from a condition you should buy them a medical bracelet and put your contact information there in addition to the condition and anything else that first responders should know.

ICE tags, on the other hand are not specific to people who suffer from chronic conditions. ICE stands for In Case of Emergency so it can be worn by anyone. These bracelets contain the name of the wearer, the name and contact information of your emergency contact and any other information that you think first responders should know. These bracelets can be useful when children and parents get separated, during natural disasters, in case of car accidents, head trauma – the list is practically endless. If you are in charge of taking care of someone elderly it is vital that you get them n ICE bracelet. It will help them in case they get confused or lost or if they have a heart attack or stroke.

In case you are wondering where to get medical bracelets or ICE tags, there are many available online. Different designs come with different numbers of character spaces so the one you buy will depend on the information that you put there. If you have a medical condition make sure to buy one with many characters so that you can have enough space to put your medical information. Some even sell motorcycle dash cam for sale for more information about what a Dash Cam can do for you check out the link.

Where to Get the Best african safari vacation

You have decided that it is high time you fulfilled your dream of doing the best african safari tours and you are wondering how best to go about it. Many people choose to fly from city to city but this is no way to see the true beauty of this spectacular continent. The best way to see Africa – to experience it to its core – is to go on an overland safari. This is a safari that involves hiring an off-road vehicle and driver and then driving from one exotic destination to another.
There are many benefits of travelling through Africa this way. The first is that you really get to see the land. There is plenty of wildlife that roams the numerous parks and by travelling overland you get to see as many of them as many of them as possible. You will see lions, zebra, elephant, giraffe, warthog, crocodile and plenty of birdlife including flamingo and ostrich. 
The other benefit of travelling overland through Africa is the camps – after a long day of travel and sightseeing you will set up for the night in a remote location and your help will help prepare dinner and drinks that you will enjoy as the sun sets. The sunsets in Africa are beautiful.
By travelling overland you will also get to meet the local people – Africans are friendly and helpful by nature especially when traveling cape town to victoria falls tour 
As for where you can get an African safari vacation, there are many companies in the US that offer them. Shop carefully – you want to go with a company that offers a comprehensive service. They should be able to hire a vehicle, driver and helper on your behalf. They should also provide all the supplies that you will need. It is very important that emergency evacuation be on the list just in case you get stranded somewhere. Make sure that they are able to book your flights to Vic Falls  

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