Planning The Perfect Anniversary Gift

Wedding anniversaries have become big milestones, albeit one, three or even five years. Some couples prefer to have big parties to celebrate with their extended families whereas others prefer something more intimate.

Planning a surprise anniversary activity for your partner can be time consuming and cost a small fortune, so why not go on private wine tours in and around Stellenbosch? With breathtaking views, mouth watering wines, gourmet picnics and chocolate pairings, it is something every couple should experience.

Start your anniversary by taking a leisurely stroll through the Stellenbosch Botanical garden and enjoy nature’s offering and even an amazing Stellenbosch wine tour you can start from the center of Stellenbosch, it’s the oldest university garden in the Cape and is home to a host of plants, both indigenous to South Africa and exotic.

Taste Handcrafted Red and White Wines

Start your anniversary at Oldenberg Vineyards, tucked away in the Stellenbosch mountains, this wine farm has some of the most breathtaking views. The private setting from the tasting room offers a romantic setting for couples where you can get the opportunity to taste both red and white handcrafted wines.

Take In All The Beauty At Stark-Condé

If you’re looking for an even more intimate setting, the tasting room at Stark-Condé is a must. The tasting room has been built in the middle of a private dam. What’s better than sipping on a glass of wine while enjoying the views of the mountains and vineyards surrounding you?

The final stop of your tour will take you to the Hidden Valley where you can experience wine and chocolate pairing as your tastebuds explode tasting the different wines and textures. As no anniversary is complete without a romantic dinner, head on over to Hidden Valley’s restaurant, Overture for a fine dining experience. This will be the perfect ending to your private wine tour in and around Stellenbosch. Want to know how a wine tour works in other places?

Why You Need Interlocking Flooring In Your Home

When installing flooring, it’s important to first map out what the particular space will be used for. If you’re uncertain as to what type of flooring to install, it’s always best to stick to something you know can be a multi-purpose solution.

This is why interlocking pvc flooring in South Africa are suitable in various business environments such as factories, showrooms, store rooms, domestic garages, gym facilities and schools, to name a few. As consumers aren’t conscious of the many advantages of interlocking flooring, we have highlighted some of them here.

Interlocking Flooring is Easy To Install

One of the biggest benefits of interlocking flooring is the installation process isn’t labor intensive. It’s as simple as lining up the tiles and tapping them into place. Should the layout of the space be more complex, the team at Floormaster will be able to assist you.

What makes them even more user friendly and non-labor intensive is that you don’t need to remove old flooring before installing the new flooring. You can install your interlocking flooring over carpets, tiles, laminate flooring or even epoxy coated flooring.

Hassle Free Floor Maintenance

Should an area of the interlocking flooring become worn out, the easy installation process allows for you to replace that section hassle free. You simply remove that tile and insert a new one. General maintenance of the flooring consists of vacuuming up dust and dirt and then mopping the floor to ensure cleanliness of the space.

Protect Your Floor From Damage

By installing the interlocking flooring, you’re also decreasing the chances of your floor becoming damaged from high impact or vibrations, making it the ideal solution for industrial spaces where forklifts and lorries can damage the foundation flooring.

Interlocking flooring is non-slip and therefore also ensures that the area does not become an occupational health and safety hazard for employees. Contact the team at Floormaster today to get your quote and ensure the safety of everyone working on your property.

3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Food Truck Business

In an economy where so many people are being retrenched, finding permanent employment has become a real challenge. This is why so many people have taken their entrepreneurial skills and tried to start something on their own a popular thing is food companies in South Africa.

As food is essential for everyone, restaurants, coffee shops and hotels have dominated the market but a recent trend has meant they added some competition. Although a daunting experience, here are some reasons why you should start your own food truck business today.

The Start Up Costs Are Minimal

This type of business does not require a large lump sum investment to get going. In comparison to running a restaurant, running a food truck business is much more cost effective. For people who are taking a bold step and moving into this industry, it is a great way to gain more experience for future work.

Let Your Creative Food Juices Flow

As this is something you can own from start to finish this includes the menu. Connecting and working with different food distributors in Cape Town allows you the opportunity to keep your menu fresh and original. You have so much room to experiment and see what people enjoy and how you can customize your meals to make them stand out.

Join In On The Fun And Work At Events

Owning your restaurant can be much more limiting than if you owned your own food truck. With the mobile food truck, you‘re able to sign up to be a vendor at any and every event. This gives you such a boost as you‘re able to market your business for free as you’re exposed to so many people. Need more about starting a food company?

When moving into this kind of trade it is important to realize the potential you have to make your business a success. Talk to other entrepreneurs, meet up and do demonstrations for food distributors. What’s stopping you for making your food dreams become a reality.

Beautifully Cooked Spit Roasts

If you are required to cater for an event, perhaps a wedding reception or party, then you need to find food that is cooked perfectly, and will be enjoy ed by all present. Have you considered a hog roast? You may think it expensive, but if you check out the rates at leading provider, you will be pleasantly surprised. They have been in the business for some years, and have a reputation for excellent service.
London Roast supply all equipment plus a chef, and you can choose from various packages catering for any number of guests. You will find the food to be excellent–they make sure your vegetarian guests are also kept happy–and you can also request waiting staff for a small additional fee.
Why not check out the London Spit Roast website now for all the information you need, or to book your catering.

Do Branded Gifts Improve Brand Loyalty?

It has long been the practice for businesses to give away gifts branded with their logo at events or even at their headquarters, but the question remains: what effect does it have? If you concentrate on ensuring your give-aways are quality items that reflect your brand, then you will find that people remember your brand name. Once they remember your name, you are part of the way to enhancing your brand image and encouraging loyalty.

Where can you find the best range of quality branded gifts and caps online South Africa? Check out Brandability, a leading name in the field with thousands of quality, interesting products on offer, all at excellent prices. You can even take advantage of a free artwork service and they will deliver free on orders of greater than a certain amount, so check out Brandability now for the very best in value for money on corporate gifts and hats Johannesburg.

Due date calculator

Due Date Calculator

It is every woman’s joy to become pregnant (at the right time), to finally start the family you have been wishing for since you were a young girl. But now that you are pregnant, you cannot help yourself wonder when the baby will arrive. This article will discuss how to use a due date calculator to find out when to expect your little bundle of joy.

There are several methods the calculator uses to give you an estimated due date. They include:

Last menstrual period method

The calculators that use this method, add 280 days to the first day of your last menstrual period. The due date however is considered an estimate because for the 280 days added, 14 days are assumed to be from when you started your menstrual cycle till when you ovulated.

Naegele’s Rule

This method is normally used by doctors when you go in for your check up. The doctor will ask for the first day of your last menstrual period. From this he/she will count back three months from this date and add seven days. The assumptions in this method is that your cycle occurs after every 28 days and ovulation is on the 14th day.

Basal Body Temperature

This is the temperature you measure every morning prior to even getting out of bed. This baseline temperature increases slightly during ovulation. So if you add 266 days to the day of ovulation, you will end up with your due date.

There are numerous online due date calculators. So just type due date calculator on your search engine and have a go at it or you can check any website and their due date calculator . It is however important to note that the due dates given are merely estimates. And that few women actually give birth on said date. This is because of the assumptions made. The due dates however help you be best prepared for birth. If you have an irregular cycle your doctor can calculate a due date for you.

Pests in the Home? You Need Extreme Clean!

Pests in the home can be problematic, and many types of invader can be difficult to get rid of. Whether you have rodents, for example, or ants, you need to bring in the professionals to get things sorted, and the people to talk to in Johannesburg and Cape Town are Extreme Clean. They provides expert cleaning services jhb with a fully trained team who can handle everything from eliminating ants to removing rodents, leaving your home pest-free in no time at all.

They can also handle fumigation cape town, and offer all of their range of solutions to both home and business owners, and with 15 years of experience in the field you know you are in safe hands when you get Extreme Clean to carry out your pest elimination. Get in touch with Extreme Clean now for a free, no obligation quote on all your pest and cleaning requirements.

Custom Web Design and Development

There are some things that are best left to the experts, and it’s fair to say that web design is one of them. For businesses – and individual – in South Africa, the people you need to talk to are Netgen, who have been in the business of software development and web design for many years. They have worked with a large number of businesses – of all sizes – so no matter your budget, they can help you with your web design.

Trends in websites change all the time, so a company such as Netgen will be able to keep up with the current trends and give you the latest website features. Their team of expert designers and WordPress developer Johannesburg will be able to provide you with a service that is second to none, so you can expect the very best from them. Have a chat with one of the Netgen team now, and see how they can help.

Beautiful Fencing Installations Cape Town

If you are in the Cape Town region and need fencing for your home, commercial or industrial premises we recommend you take a look at Topfence. With many years of experience in the design and installation of quality, attractive palisade fencing – and other installations too – Topfence offers the best option at the right price, and they are more than happy to advise you on the best solution for your individual requirements.

Offering a combination of superb security – the fencing used is the best on the market and prevents intruders from hiding or climbing thanks to clever design – and attractive looks, the Topfence solution is one that you really should consider for your premises, and they offer a free, no obligation quote for sliding gates cape town and other mentioned services that we are sure you will find to be competitive. Have a look at the Topfence website now and request your =quote, or get in touch and talk to the team about your requirements.

Bathroom upgrades you should do in 2017

When you finally decide to remodel and upgrade your bathroom it can help to talk with others that have already gone through this major undertaking. Here we have given some examples of how others went about their bathroom changes.

When we were children, we loved to play in the bathroom. We liked to pop soap bubbles and play with bath toys like squeaky rubber ducks and plastic boats. As we grew older, the bathroom became a functional area to visit quickly en route to school or work. A trip to the bathroom was worked into a hectic schedule and often turned into a battleground for dominance with other family members for shower time. The bathroom also got smaller as we grew larger. Perhaps finally, you’ve decided to remodel your bathroom with a roomier layout and attractive fixtures. You’ve come to understand the value of relaxation and want to enjoy spending time in the bathroom. You want your trips to the bathroom to be pleasant, not just functional and hectic. If so, you might benefit from the experiences of others who have remodeled their bathrooms.

A Nice Rearrangement

Jane and David Smiths master bathroom was not only small, but it also had an awkward layout. The tub and toilet sat on a platform two steps up from the lavatory and two closets. The Smith’s first decided to eliminate the closets and the platform and plan a more convenient layout.

Their interior designer literally cut corners by positioning the tub and shower into opposite corners of the bathroom with the Toilet This left enough space for his-and-her vanities. The vanities, set on the walls in between the shower and tub, had one cabinet 2 inches higher so that David, who is 6 feet, 5 inches tall, could wash his face without bending over.

Ocean Retreat

A Maine vacation inspired Kristy and Frank Mayer when they remodeled their master bathroom in their San Francisco, California, home. “We stayed in this wonderful old hotel in Kennebunkport,” Kristy said. “The tub was set under the windows and you could just sit there and look out at the ocean.”To bring the crisp, clean feeling of the ocean breeze to their bath, they expanded their bathroom above a downstairs addition. They installed a new tub of an old-fashioned design by the window and covered the walls with white bead-board paneling. A woven sea grass mat was spread out for wet feet. Now Kristy can look out the window across the San Francisco Bay. “I loved this bathtub because it was deep,” Kristy said. “Soaking there is so nurturing that it’s part of my daily routine.”

Fitting It All In

Designer Brad Nelson designed a new layout to separate the shower and tub in his master bathroom. To do this, he sacrificed some square footage of an adjacent bedroom closet. After removing a tub and small closet, he installed a narrow vanity 18 inches deep with a lavatory that thrusts out. Cabinets were also installed above the toilet, stretching up from the vanity. The layout allowed enough room for a shower and tub on the opposite wall. You might be looking for new toilet for your bathroom, check out this amazing guide for best toilet reviews.

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